Barrister’s Block Part 2

Last week, I introduced the Barrister’s Block in straight settings.

Barrister's Block

This week, let’s look at the Barrister’s Block on point.

Barrister's Block On Point

I tried to create more interest by simply rotating the blocks:

Barrister's Block On Point

I do like it better. What do you think?

I found another version of the Barrister’s Block in BlockBase.  It is #1364. 

So I tried it, along with a plain block, in the last on point setting.

Barrister's Block On Point

I like the lacy look of it.  This design could be very elegant with some beautiful quilting in the negative areas.

8 responses to “Barrister’s Block Part 2

  1. I like the 2nd one, it looks more ordered and the eyes stop a bit. The third is really lovely and I CAN see the open spaces with amazing quilting! I love this block!


  2. Those make LOVELY quilts! It looks almost like a plaid design. I like the visual effect, too many little HST, but ……………..


  3. I really like the second and third ones. Very effective!


  4. I love the second one … like Kat I love how the light blue creates the plaid effect. Always great to find a secondary design. I also like the last one with open space, but I like any design with some open space!


    • Judy, I knew you would like the last design. The plaid effect is fun too! I did not think that I would like this block, since, in general, I wasn’t a fan of the straight sets. As usual, turning a block on point yields surprising, and pleasing, results. 🙂


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