Sneak Peek 2

Just in case you think I have forgotten, or maybe rolled this quilt into a ball and labeled it another UFO:

Sneak Peek

I have the same disease as my blogger friend, Jenny Lyon.  It is the “quilt it to death” disease.  My saving grace is that I am not a perfectionist.  Even so, this project is taking longer than it needed to.

It isn’t a show quilt.  It isn’t an artsy quilt.  A nice edge-to-edge quilting design would have been fine.

I am using Aurifil 50 weight in both the top and the bobbin.  But not the same color, so I will have ‘pokeys’ (Oh horrors!). 

As I said, I am not a perfectionist.

And it is spring (I wanna be outdoors!).  And I have a day job.  And I can come up with lots of excuses.

But I will finish.  This year.


9 responses to “Sneak Peek 2

  1. I LOVE the colors. So happy! 🙂 I think the quilting is cool too.


  2. Beautiful quilting!! I’d quilt them to death too if I could make designs that lovely 🙂


  3. beautiful quilting Laura!


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