TV Tray Makeover

Ever since I saw a few of these tv tray makeovers on Pinterest, I have wanted to make one for myself.  So this week, I took the time (which wasn’t much time at all)!

A portable ironing table is mighty handy to take to quilting classes.

Portable Ironing Table

It is also handy to have next to the sewing machine if your normal ironing surface is across the room and too big to move.  Or maybe handy to use while watching tv in another room.  Or maybe handy to take along on a road trip.

Portable Ironing Table

This is a simple little makeover to do.  There are other tutorials (search google and Pinterest) but Elizabeth Hartman, over at Oh, Fransson! did a nice job of explaining how-to back in 2010.

11 responses to “TV Tray Makeover

  1. That’s cool!


  2. Great idea! Soooo, all that time suck that happens on Pinterest can actually yield something delightful-who knew?


  3. Good Morning. Isn’t that a wonderful idea! I have a different set-up which works for me, but this is a great portable idea! and we all have these TV trays. Pinterest, YES, it eats your time and fills you with fabulous inspiration. It’s a love/hate relationship there.


  4. Christine Ledford

    What a cute idea! Love those!


  5. This is so clever!!!


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