Balance Quilt Block Part 2

In this post, I showed a few straight set quilt designs with the Balance quilt block.

Balance Quilt Block

Now let’s look at this block set on point:

Balance On Point Set

It’s a nice quilt.  I could see this on a table top, or the favored arm chair for this time of year.

How would it look with a green background?

Balance On Point Set

I prefer the white, but one isn’t better than the other…just personal preference.

Balance On Point Set

Perhaps more open space for the quilter who likes to show off her quilting:

Balance On Point Set

How about “floating” the blocks:

Balance On Point Set

One more:

Balance On Point Set

All of the blocks in the above designs are the Balance quilt block and variations created from Balance by deleting lines and moving color around.

You really can do a lot with one block.

12 responses to “Balance Quilt Block Part 2

  1. Red centers in the one with more space for quilting would make a fun wreath for Christmas! I love all the variations though 🙂


  2. I really like the first one. On-point settings really do some special things.


  3. My wise old grandmother used to make quilts. She made quilts for everyone in the family, church raffles, and anyone and everyone who wanted one. She died in 2003 and, sadly, I don’t have a single one of her quilts.


  4. Love the floating blocks!


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