Snow Dyeing Results

Here are the results from my snow dyeing play day.

All of the fabrics turned out soft and muted…probably because I used old dye.  I’m okay with that.  Not all fabrics need to be intense color…there is a place for every piece.  The fabrics sitting on top of the window screening are more muted than the ‘drip catchers’; they weren’t resting in the dye.

I did have trouble taking good photos, so I’ve included close ups for you.  They show the texture better.  Clicking on a photo will show a larger view.

The first photo is the snow dyed fabric using teal, bronze and ecru dyes.


The next fabric is the ‘drip catcher’ from the above snow dyed fabric.

The blue background is more blue than the photos show.


Next is a fabric that was snow dyed with a blue-green, orange and wisteria procion mx dyes.


The ‘drip catcher’ to the above fabric (it looks like a whole lot of white fabric areas in this photo, but that isn’t the case):


To make the last snow dye, I simply dumped on leftover dyes.  It has cobalt, fushia, deep yellow, peach and a little black.  It is a soft, pretty piece.


And who would know that this is the ‘drip catcher’ from the above snow dye?  It is as if the colors made an arrangement with each other…pastels on the snow dye, and deeper colors to the bottom.


I have decided that, while snow dyeing made for an entertaining play date, I prefer to stick to low water immersion when I hand dye my fabric.

14 responses to “Snow Dyeing Results

  1. Oh, I love that last pastel snow dye piece! The colours are absolutely delicious!


  2. Wow……just gorgeous!! I, too, love the soft pastels…….so pretty!! I get tired of the bright intense colors…but never get tired of these beautiful soft shades!!


    • I am normally a more intense color kind of gal, but the soft really is beautiful. Now I need to find a project to showcase for these. On second thought…I’m in no hurry…I love petting them. 🙂


  3. Melanie Conowitch

    Beautiful results!! I love it!! 🙂


  4. Fun!
    You tried it and now you know it’s not for you. 😉


  5. Love the soft pastels too!

    I tried dyeing many moons ago in a class with a friend who did the most gorgeous fabric, decided I would rather pay her for her fabrics. Now there is another friend who dyes and sells, and will try to dye to order.


  6. That is really cool fabric-it will be fun seeing how you use it!


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