Art Square Quilt Block

Let’s take a look at the Art Square quilt block this week.

Art Square Quilt Block

It is easily drawn with a 4 x 4 grid.

Here is how Art Square looks when set side by side in a straight set:

Art Square Straight Set

The temps are hovering around zero degrees.  Perhaps that is what has influenced me to design with blue and white.  You could certainly use any color scheme to suit your purposes.

I added an icy blue to the next design; otherwise the two designs are the same.  Now I really do feel cold.  Color makes a difference!

Art Square Straight Set

I created a new block by dividing the corner squares of Art Square into halves, and adding a four patch to the center square.  Here is how it looks when alternated with the Art Square.

Art Square Straight Set

Perhaps you would prefer a pinwheel in the center of the Art Square block.  It certainly gives a sense of motion.

Art Square Straight Set

Or maybe a nine-patch:

Art Square Straight Set

You could play with the proportions of the blocks.  By that I mean, you do not have to simply alternate the blocks.  You can use more of one than the other, and come up with all sorts of designs.

Art Square Straight Set

Throw in plain blocks too.  They are great for creating space.  The space is restful for the eye, and wonderful for showing off quilting (or adding applique if you want to dress up your design).

Art Square Straight Set

Change the mood of the quilt by moving color around.

Art Square Straight Set

I don’t feel so cold when I darken the design up.  The white centers show up much more too; even better for showing off the quilting.

Art Square Straight Set

Don’t be afraid to play!  You will have fun and gain confidence in your own design abilities.


15 responses to “Art Square Quilt Block

  1. Wow, those are all so pretty!


  2. My pick is the second to last … like the pattern the light areas have made around the centre. The centre itself is nice too!


  3. Had to come back and give another opinion … I wasn’t all that impressed with this series until they got darker. I don’t like blues a great deal, but they start to get more interesting to me as they get darker. Like the darker borders !


    • You and I are of the same opinion here. I’m more of an orange girl myself. If I were to make one of these, I might use EQ to add a splash of orange and see how that looks. Then again, two color quilts can be very impressive after quilting!


  4. It’s amazing how different the quilt pattern looks when the squares are arranged in different ways! It makes it harder to choose just one!


  5. I live in Florida . We had a terrible summer and now the weather in great. I love all quilts. I made a holiday quilt with two different Fat quarters pack. One in fall colors, and one with black and white designes. In the middle of each square I machine embroidered fall designes and Christmas designes. I put in on my couch.


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