Sitting Pretty

These days sewing is a rare treat for me. So I pulled out a pattern from my long list of ‘somedays’, and I’ve been sneaking in some enjoyable hand work.

Sitting Pretty

I bought the pattern, Sitting Pretty by Cynthia Thomaszewski, many moons ago.

This sweet little number can be done entirely by machine of course, but I’ve chosen to embroider the raw edges of the applique pieces by hand.

Sitting Pretty

It is a serene event for me. It wouldn’t take very long, except I don’t have a lot of time.  No matter.

Sitting Pretty

It is the process that brings me pleasure.

How about you?  Is it the process, or the finished product that you enjoy the most?

It is okay to have unfinished projects.  I give you permission.

11 responses to “Sitting Pretty

  1. It’s definitely the process for me. I love the finished product, of course, but the process is so therapeutic!


  2. It has to be the process. The projects are so involved, it would be pure torture, if it wasnt for the serenity and therapy of the process.


  3. Such bright pretty colors!


  4. Beautiful! I enjoy choosing the fabrics, sewing, quilting . . . the entire process! 🙂


  5. I’m product driven-wish I wasn’t sometimes. I love your adorable block-pretty indeed!


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