Washington State Quilters Spokane Chapter Quilt Show Part 3

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As I stated in my first post where I shared from the Washington State Quilters quilt show, I am, for the most part, showing the varied and wonderful techniques that quilters are using to achieve their desired results.

In general, I am attracted by the color used in a quilt design first.  This is not the best way to be drawn into a piece, since many quilts are beautiful in many different colorways.  But it is what it is.

I love this sunset!  It is framed nicely by the branches.

WSQ October 2013

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the artist used many techniques.  One of my favorites is the shiny Angelina fibers.  She also covered the piece with tulle which helps to give that sunset appearance.  I like the embroidery as well.

WSQ October 2013

WSQ October 2013

Yo-yos are just plain fun and versatile!  They are used in crafts of all kinds (to make dolls, flower embellishments and Christmas ornaments just to name a very few).  They are seen in many antique coverlets too.  I’m showing this coverlet just for my daughter.  When she was younger, she made quite a collection of yo-yos, just for the fun of it.

WSQ October 2013

Do you love strip/string piecing?  How about creating something whimsical from all of those great blocks, such as a ship in a bottle?

WSQ October 2013

Are you making a sweet child’s quilt?  Does it have insects or animals on it?  How about creating some dimension in it as this quilter has done?  So cute!

WSQ October 2013

Perhaps your quilt could benefit from a bit of hand crochet lace?  Or even ready made trim?  Or both?  And as long as you are adding embellishment, perhaps some flower ornaments and buttons too?

WSQ October 2013

The next quilt is enhanced in so many ways.  The border fabric is a wonderful choice!  Perhaps the quilter began with the border fabric as her focal fabric.  She may have chosen the fabrics for her piecing from the colors she saw in the border fabric.

WSQ October 2013

This quilt went from lovely to spectacular when the maker added trapunto and custom quilting, as well as crystals.  Lots of crystals!  This quilt has bling!  I wish you could see that, but the photo does not show it.

WSQ October 2013

I have never used crystals.  For those of you who haven’t used crystals, a vendor assures me that an embellished quilt, or wearable, can be washed.

Jean Shute is the maker of ‘Pink Lady’, a Drunkard’s Path variation (I love the Drunkard’s Path block-it is so versatile!).

WSQ October 2013

I’m not a fan of pink (but a good friend once pointed out to me that a sunset/sunrise is not a sunset/sunrise without it), so what drew me to this quilt?

The machine quilting.

I thought it was two colors of thread.  It isn’t.  Getting closer, one can see that the quilting is enhanced by Prismacolor pencils.  What a beautiful technique!

WSQ October 2013

I have no idea why the camera changed the green background to an off-white.  Strange.

Perhaps you like to use panels.  I’m not a fan of panels but the last quilt that I’m going to share changes my mind.  This quilter enhanced her panel with great quilting, paper-piecing, silhouettes that represented the heritage of the center panel and a border fabric that pulls it all together.  Well done.

WSQ October 2013

10 responses to “Washington State Quilters Spokane Chapter Quilt Show Part 3

  1. Bunny St. Clair

    Thanks for sharing Laura. I did not get attend the show for the first time in years…… so enjoy seeing your photos and comments.


  2. Wow– never thought to embellish quilting with prismacolor pencils, what an awesome idea! I did a whole quilt with dimensional ladybugs and dragonflies, the cute turquoise one you showed looks like the same pattern. It’s from Ruth Jensen if anyone is interested:-) Thanks for the lovely post!!


    • Thanks Emily, for posting the pattern. I didn’t know. I also thought the pencils were a great idea. Just a little effort made a big impact to the quilt! This is why I like quilt shows; it is educational and fun to see what is happening in the quilt world.


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