Arizona Quilt Block Part 2

Last week, I shared the Arizona Quilt Block in straight sets.

Arizona Quilt Block

This week, I’ve explored the block in on point sets.

Arizona On Point Set

In the following quilt designs, I’ve added another color, which allows the stars to be seen better.  I’ve also used alternate blocks that were drawn from the same grid as the Arizona quilt block.

Arizona On Point Set 2

Arizona On Point Set 3

Arizona On Point Set 4

Arizona On Point Set 5

Of course, there are no quilt police that will come after you, if you decide to make a design in a different colorway!

Arizona On Point Set 6

8 responses to “Arizona Quilt Block Part 2

  1. Ooooh, i love the gold and brown!


  2. Love the last one … stunning! Saw it first as a thumbnail on FB, and the little splashes of yellow in the dark look good, even better now I can see the detail of that yellow!


  3. If I were to make this one, I think I might eliminate the yellow from the outer edges, or add more points. I wasn’t paying enough attention to those details!


  4. Love this combination of gold & brown. I like to throw in little bits of dark red or blue or green… or all of these. 🙂


  5. And all of those make a gorgeous color combination!


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