Cross Stitch Swan Song

I bought a cross stitch scissors fob kit on a vacation several years ago.  I used to do a lot of intricate cross stitch, so I knew this kit would be a simple souvenir keepsake for me.

Scissors Keep Kit


I began working on it during a stressful time thinking it would be a relaxing thing to do.  Right off, I stitched quite a bit using the wrong color and had to undo everything that I had done.

Can I use macular degeneration for my excuse?  I could not see to rip it out, actually cried tears of frustration, had a temper tantrum, and put the thing away.

Fast forward to this week.  I am working a new job…split shifts six days a week.  Stressful.  Out comes the cross stitch project so I can relax. 


I still can’t see as well as I used to.  Surprise.

I have run out of thread from the kit, stitched in the wrong places, ripped out stitches, and lost my very sharp, expensive embroidery scissors that I wanted to use this with in the first place.

But I’ve persevered.

It is finished.

Scissors Keep

9 responses to “Cross Stitch Swan Song

  1. And it is beautiful!


  2. You are a tuffie to stick it out and finish it BY the way it is really pretty I am 68 and eyesight is not as good any more too.


  3. Oh it is lovely! Did you fill it with lavender?


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