Arizona Quilt Block

Let’s take a look at the Arizona quilt block.

Arizona Quilt Block

It can be drawn with a 6 x6 grid.

Here is how the Arizona quilt block looks in a simple straight set:

Arizona Straight Set

Adding another color/value let’s us explore other design possibilities.  The darker value in the next design shows stars behind a grid.  Do you see them?

Arizona Straight Set 2

Moving the darker value also moves the eye to see stars in the grid, rather than behind the grid.  Yet, the initial design set has stayed the same.

Arizona Straight Set 3

I like to take my block and add, or delete, lines to create variations of the block.  In the following design, I’ve alternated a crossing block with the Arizona block.  I like it!

Arizona Straight Set 4

Sashing can also add a fun creative element to some quilt designs.  In the next design, it looks like there are floating stars.  These are easily made with the sashing and cornerstones.

More interest is achieved as well, by the size difference in the stars.

Arizona Straight Set 5

Color is often the first element that attracts a viewer.  Just because you see a quilt in yellow and white, doesn’t mean that you have to make it that way.  I’ve chosen golds, white, burgundy and black in these examples.  I don’t think they are very popular (although I like them).  Maybe you’d prefer Christmas green, red, gold and white for this one.

Arizona Straight Set 6

Whatever colors you choose to make your quilt creations with, just pay attention to your value placement and have fun!

3 responses to “Arizona Quilt Block

  1. Lydia Stevenson

    Thank you for the color lesson. I was very interested in how the quilt changes with each color change. Something I had not considered before.


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