Backyard Visitor

Why am I sharing a photo of the top of one of my pear trees with a blurred clothesline stretched across?

Bear in Pear Tree

Oh.  That’s why!  Look who’s in the tree!

Bear in Pear Tree

Bear Under Pear Tree

The bears have been busy (this is not the same bear that I shared with you in this post).

Bear Under Pear Tree

What a handsome dude he is!  He eats like a king!

Bear Under Pear Tree

He’ll be eating apples now.  The pear trees are stripped of their treasures until next year’s season of harvest.

*Clicking on a photo will show a larger view.

11 responses to “Backyard Visitor

  1. Yikes is right! I think I’d be a bit nervous seeing that so close to where I lived!


  2. Big boy!!! Be careful out there!!!


  3. You can barely notice it! 😉


  4. How awesome and amazing to have a visitor like that! we have a little skunk who comes over from time to time. Beautiful shot Laura!


    • My Hubby reached down and petted a skunk, mistaking it for our cat (it was dark out). What a surprise for both the skunk and Hubby! But the skunk was very understanding. They parted ways on friendly terms. LOL!


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