Anvil Quilt Block

I’ve been playing with the Anvil Quilt Block.

Anvil Quilt Block

I drew it with a 4 x 4 grid.

If you have BlockBase, it is #2645, but it is not difficult to draw, and is good practice.

Here is what the Anvil quilt block looks like set side by side in a straight set:

Anvil Straight Set

Still side by side in a straight set, but the colors have been changed up.  Some of the blocks are rotated as well:

Anvil Straight Set 3

Still using only the Anvil block, the next design looks like arrows:

Anvil Straight Set 4

I like it!

Adding sashing strips does make the quilt larger (a popular technique), but I don’t find it very exciting:

Anvil Straight Set 2

I have added a plain block, and a variation drawn from the Anvil quilt block, to the next design.  I find this a lot more interesting:

Anvil Straight Set 5

Two more designs:

Anvil Straight Set 6

Anvil Straight Set 7

Which is your favorite?  Why?  Which is your least favorite?  Why?

We’ll see what playing with the Anvil quilt block on point turns up next week. 

10 responses to “Anvil Quilt Block

  1. My favourite is … ahhh … one of the last three!


  2. Ooooo – love that arrow design!!!!!! It is very different.


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  4. I want to make a variation on the Anvil block, which by changing up the pieces it becomes a sort of star in a star/diamond pattern.Made of 2 blocks, one is 4 HSTs making a diamond shape, the other is an eight point star with a 4-patch center. Would love to see a tutorial on this. I’m makink it scrappy, except for the large star points which will all be the same color.


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