The Backyard Visitor

We meet every fall, but I am always surprised when we meet.  This time of year, I know to look around before I decide to catch some Vitamin D and do some yard work.

I know it.  But I don’t always do it.

On this day, I had finished taking photos of a sewing project, and thought that I might as well do a little yard work while I was outside anyway.

That’s when I noticed her.

Brown Bear

I keep a cautious eye, but I’m not worried.  We’ve met before.  But this time, I have my camera handy.

What is she interested in?

Brown Bear

The pears aren’t ripe yet, but she likes them just the way they are.

Brown Bear

Brown Bear

17 responses to “The Backyard Visitor

  1. oh my, that is awesome, but scarry. I used to live on Vancouver Island, and this site was common also, When man or beast meets up, you must let the beast win. 8D


    • I don’t find it scary at all Kat. Perhaps I am used to it. I don’t pose a threat to the food source, or to the animal, so there has never been a problem. In fact, I welcome the bear every season…she’s the reason that I know it is time to pick the pears, since those must be picked before they ripen. 🙂


  2. looks like she is preparing for hibernation…pears! a delicious find. paying attention to nature is the natural way to tell time…


  3. So cool!


  4. Wow-to see that in person is just so cool! Almost cute-if you can call a large, dangerous mammal cute!


  5. Did the bear leave you any pears?? 🙂


  6. Wow! That would be so fascinating just to sit and watch.


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  8. Wow, a bear in the garden ooh!

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