Melanie’s Table Topper

Once upon a time, my daughter-in-law thought that she would like to learn to sew. 

She wanted to make a fall themed table topper for her home, so she purchased these fabrics:

Table Topper Fabrics

Melanie has many talents, but she decided that sewing wasn’t going to be one of them.  So she gave me the fabrics and moved on to other pursuits.

I decided to make that table topper and she will be getting it for Christmas (even if she reads this post…which is a very high possibility).

Table Topper Close Up

Merry Christmas Mel!

Melanie's Table Topper

And, if you like it too, then click on the Patterns and Tutorials tab above my header and you will find a pdf with cutting instructions for Melanie’s Table Topper.

8 responses to “Melanie’s Table Topper

  1. Woman!!! Thank you soo very very much!! I love you and you are so silly!! lol lol lol

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  2. So pretty . . . I just love autumn projects!


  3. LOVE it!! Good job, Sis!


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