Crayon Floral Wall Hanging

My six year old granddaughter and I decided we had time for one more project before her visit with me ended.

So we drew a project in Electric Quilt, and printed out templates.

Alyssa used Crayola crayons to color her fabric butterfly and flower.  Then she cut out and fused the parts to a simple background that we had sewed together(Grandma applied fusible web to the fabric before Alyssa cut into the fabric) .

Alyssa's Wall Hanging

We had a very enjoyable afternoon crafting together.

Alyssa's Wall Hanging

For the curious, G Mom represents Grandma.  I don’t think Alyssa could figure out how to spell Grandma.

And I see an ‘oopsie’ that we need to fix.  We forgot the butterfly antennae!  We shall get that done before she goes back home!

*Update: Featured in Electric Quilt User Spotlight.

14 responses to “Crayon Floral Wall Hanging

  1. How cool! Very cute!


  2. Mary Ann Wolsky

    What a great idea. Maybe my grandboys and I could try this. Your granddaughter is so cute.


  3. What a great idea! It looks beautiful!


  4. Impressive results! And so much fun.


  5. Loving Gmom! Beautiful handwork!


  6. The smiles I saw certainly said well done Grandma!


  7. Love it! What a fun idea 🙂


  8. Thank you Emily. My granddaughter and I certainly enjoyed the project together!


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