Western Flycatchers Fly

The little Flycatcher Family has grown up!  The fledglings are gone, and the nest is empty.

I feel a bit lonely now, but I wish them all the best.

*Click on the photos for a larger view, and to see the date the photo was taken. 

Fledgling Western Flycatchers 07-30-2013

And then there were two.

Fledgling Western Flycatchers 07-31-2013
Fledgling Western Flycatcher 07-31-2013
Fledgling Western Flycatcher 07-31-2013

Getting ready to join the sibling in the oak tree.

Fledgling Western Flycatchers 07-31-2013

Thank you to the Lord, and to Mr. and Mrs. Flycatcher, for allowing me to enjoy the family, and to share the photos with others so that they can enjoy as well.

Adult Western Flycatcher 07-30-2013

What a privilege I’ve had!

To see the Mama and her eggs, click here.

To see the newborns, click here.

To see updates on the babies, click here and here.

7 responses to “Western Flycatchers Fly

  1. Wow! That was fast!


  2. Aw, they had to go-what a pleasure it was to “watch”-thank you for sharing it!


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