Almanizer Quilt Block Part 2

I am showing designs using on point quilt layouts with the Almanizer quilt block.  To see straight set designs, click here.

I am showing a limited number of fabrics/colors.   So much more could happen when attention is given to very scrappy vs. controlled color; to value placement; and to scale of the fabric prints.

The Almanizer quilt block:

Almanizer Quilt Block

Here is how the Almanizer looks when set side-by-side in an on point layout:

Almanizer On Point Set

The same setting as above but the red has been removed from some of the blocks, creating a diamond shape in the center:

Almanizer On Point Set 6

I should have left two red centers for a true diamond shape!

In the next layout, a couple of the blocks have been rotated.  The design has also been opened up by replacing some of the blocks with Snowball blocks.  Now there is room to show off some quilting!

Almanizer On Point Set 7

Here is what happens when we take the first layout, rotate the blocks, and add sashing and cornerstones:

Almanizer On Point Set 2

The next design shows the Almanizer quilt block with a pinwheel drawn in the center of it:

Almanizer On Point Set 3

Next, the Almanizer block is alternated with a star block.  I drew the star block by adding lines to the Almanizer block.  It is similar to the popular Ohio Star.

Almanizer On Point Set 4

Adding the Snowball block lightens up the design, and the star has become the star of the quilt:

Almanizer On Point Set 8

Which design do you like the best?  Or perhaps, you’ll play, and come up with one of your own?

I love hearing from you!

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