Almanizer Quilt Block Part 1

The Almanizer block is simply four square-in-a-square blocks sewn together.

Almanizer Quilt Block

But I drew this one in Electric Quilt with a 2 x 2 grid.  You could also draw it with a 4 x 4 grid if you want to.

Here is how the Almanizer looks in a straight set:

Almanizer Straight Set

And with a splash of yellow and sashing added:

Almanizer Straight Set 2

I deleted a few lines to come up with an alternate crossing block:

Almanizer Straight Set 3

If you aren’t interested in a two color quilt you could liven it up with another color:

Almanizer Straight Set 4

The next design is simple, and yet, bold.  I like it!

Almanizer Straight Set 5

By adding a few lines to the Almanizer quilt block, and paying attention to color placement, one comes up with the popular star.

Almanizer Straight Set 6

The very same design, but a bold red replaces the baby blue:

Almanizer Straight Set 7

How about moving those stars around?

Almanizer Straight Set 9

Feeling quiet, or feeling bold?

Almanizer Straight Set 9b

Add even more lines to the Almanizer block, and it can get complicated, but you might come up with fun little pinwheels like I did:

Almanizer Straight Set 8

The only difference between these last two examples is the outer border.  You might be the type that needs a visual look before you can decide what you like the best.  I am.

Almanizer Straight Set 8b

I didn’t have time to play with this block in on point settings, so that will be next week.

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