Big Meadow Lake

One of our favorite places to camp and hike is at Big Meadow Lake in the Colville National Forest.  We took our children there many times, and now we are taking our grandchildren there.

Big Meadow Lake

Recently, we had a Saturday afternoon to spend with family, so we drove out to Big Meadow Lake to have some fun.

Big Meadow Lake

My six year old granddaughter and I are looking out over the swamp to see what we can see.  This area has an abundance of wildlife, including moose.  But we didn’t see moose on this day.


It seems that only Daddy can reach the trees on either side of the path.

Bunchberry and Strawberry

As well as an abundance of wildlife, there is a wonderful variety of flora.  In the above photo, wild strawberry and bunchberry grow side by side.

Big Meadow Lake

As you hike, you can walk in the deep woods, open areas, on pine needle laden paths, foot bridges and wooden walkways.

Big Meadow Lake

Big Meadow Lake

Big Meadow Lake

Big Meadow Lake is stocked with trout and bass.  We love to take our canoe out, but a kayak or rowboat will do.

Big Meadow Lake

No jet skis, or other large noisy watercraft allowed. 

As beautiful as the lake is, you don’t want to swim here.  There are leeches in this lake!

Big Meadow Lake

Isn’t the reflective quality absolutely gorgeous?!

Big Meadow Lake

The baby ducks were soaking up the rays on the dock.  They had no fear of us.

Big Meadow Lake

Big Meadow Lake is a precious jewel in the wilderness and we were treated to a fabulous afternoon for a walk in the woods!


6 responses to “Big Meadow Lake

  1. Beautiful!

  2. What a wonderful day! And now a beautiful memory! You are very blessed.

  3. What a beautiful post Laura! Thank you for sharing your special place!

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