Album Quilt Block

The Album quilt block, another pick from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar (I’m still working my way through this calendar), was a bit of a challenge for me this week.  Maybe it is because I had to use orange and blue.  Whatever.

Album Quilt Block

The Album block is drawn with a 3 x 3 grid.

Here is how it looks in a straight set:

Album Straight Set

I experimented with an inner border without sashing between it and the quilt.  I don’t think I like it.

I like the plain inner border on the next design.  It also has sashing between the blocks:

Album On Point Set 2

I made some changes to the Album block and used the new blocks in the following designs:

Album On Point Set 4

Album On Point Set 5

Album On Point Set 6

The last design is a sampler to help you see the blocks.  The blocks are set on point.

Block Sampler

The block in the top right corner is the Album block. 

The center block has all the lines deleted but the four corner triangles.  It forms a Snowball block. 

The lower right corner has the small inner squares deleted, and lines added to create the star. 

The block in the upper left corner has the inner squares deleted. 

The block in the lower left corner added lines to create rectangles within the blocks.

I could search block libraries for alternate blocks to use in a design, but adding and deleting lines to and from the main block that I want to use ensures that I will have blocks that play well together.

Next week, I’ll show the Album block in a few on point settings.

5 responses to “Album Quilt Block

  1. These are all so creative, I think I love them all. There is a benefit to having such a strong contrast between the navy and the orange. Of course, it is not colors I would actually sew together either, but it displays the geometry of the designs so well. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. The last one gives illusion of curves, which I always love to see and I think I really like the 2nd one, on point with the slim sashing. Wouldnt these designs make a great quilt of valor with scraps of r/w/b. I hope I find my way back to this page, when my sewing room is ready for another new project. LOL


  2. Kat, I think you are right…these would make great red, white and blue valor quilts. All of a sudden, I like them a whole lot more! LOL!

    I like the ones that give the illusion of curves too. It is a wonderful surprise…how straight piecing can look like curves!

    It is on my very long to-do list to create a tab for these posts. Someday.


  3. It would be hard to choose one of these patterns, they are all nice! I actually like the contrast between the colors. I’m always looking for new color combinations and while I may not use navy and orange together, I think lighter versions of these two would look really good together!


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