Aircraft Quilt Block Part 2

Last week, I presented the Aircraft quilt block in several straight set designs.

Aircraft Quilt Block

This week, I am showing the block on point.

Aircraft On Point Set

On point with one alternate block:

Aircraft On Point Set 2

Two more designs, created with a couple of alternate blocks:

Aircraft On Point Set 3

Aircraft On Point Set 5

I haven’t played with moving the color around the block.  Moving color can produce dramatic changes.  That will be play for another day.

7 responses to “Aircraft Quilt Block Part 2

  1. this batch doesnt speak to me. I think it would be fun to toss into the mix, a few of those airplanes that you drew., using the splash of red and yellow colors too, lol


    • Ya win some, and ya lose some Kat. They don’t speak to me either, but I’m really trying to stick to using one block and the variations I can come up with it (or with a few simple alternates).


  2. Not a complete lost cause … some interesting bits … the change from the first to the second is incredible, and stuff to explore further in the last two designs, along with moving the contrast.


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