ABC Quilt

I bought an alphabet panel a couple of years ago.  It was on sale at a quilt show.  It is the only panel I have ever bought, and it was designed to be sewn into a fabric ABC book.

Alphabet Panel

Since my granddaughter is having another birthday (all of my grandchildren refuse to remain babies), I decided I had better get this done.

I’m not making a book.  I’ve chosen to sew the letters into a quilt.  She can drag it around, and have picnics on it, and give her dolls naps with it.

Alphabet Quilt in Progress

It isn’t fancy, but it is finished, and a little girl will have fun using it!

Alphabet Quilt

The quilting isn’t fancy, but it should hold up well with a lot of use.

ABC Quilt Closeup

10 responses to “ABC Quilt

  1. That is an adorable panel! You did a credible job with it. I love to collect panels. I like to cut them apart and make up projects with them. They set your designer skills into high drive. Sometimes, they are just a nice piece to work some quilting time onto. I’m sure your granddaughter will love it.


  2. I just LOVE it, Laura!!! 🙂


  3. Clever idea! She’ll just love it….nothing better than a “drag around” quilt for the little ones! Good job….it’s fantastic!


  4. I am not a quilter, but I love it, too, Sis!


  5. Yes, she’s going to love it! 🙂


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