Old Molson Ghost Town – Part Five

This post concludes our little road trip.  I hope you have enjoyed it!

For Old Molson Ghost Town – Part One, click here.

I should think it was bad enough to have to crank your car to get going, but the tractors too!

Crank Tractor

Crank Tractor 2

Steam Threshing Machine

Front of Threshing Machine


Crank Tractor 3

This is the office for you…if you’d like to be a resident ghost in Molson:

Real Estate Office

Story of Molson

By the way, clicking on any photo will show an enlarged photo, and my attempts at identifying what we are looking at.

3 responses to “Old Molson Ghost Town – Part Five

  1. In December 2003 I began exploring the American West, travelling from Venice Beach, fanning out in all directions, I spent 2 years filming and photographing, off the beaten track. I grew up in NZ and read Zane Grey, as an American Citizen I went Searching for Zane Grey’s America. It is awesome. I towed an Airstream Trailer behind my LandRover, my Dog kiri as my companion. I can but encourage Americans to explore their own back yard and rediscover the writing of Zane Grey. I am now back in NZ with Lou Gehrig as my companion but the memories, photographs and film will always be with me. I fullfilled my childhood dream big time. Thanx LA Times and all my Americal pals.


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