Ranald MacDonald

While on our scenic drive, Hubby and I came across this interesting bluff.  I think it is basalt; we have a lot of that in eastern Washington.    I can see this as inspiration for some free motion quilting!

Textured Rock

It is close to lunch time by now, and we have come to a state park.  Yes, it is the smallest state park in Washington, and it is a gravesite.

Ranald MacDonald State Park

We had heard of Ranald MacDonald, but we didn’t know anything about him.

Ranald MacDonald Sign Board

It was fun to learn about him.  Ranald MacDonald was quite the adventurer!  I wish I could’ve known him…oh, the stories he could tell!

Ranald MacDonald Sign Board 2

Ranald MacDonald Sign Board 3

Ranald MacDonald Sign Board 4

Ranald MacDonald Sign Board 5

Ranald MacDonald Sign Board 6

Ranald MacDonald Sign Board 7

Ranald MacDonald Sign Board 8

Here is the entire state park:


We sat on a bench in front of Ranald MacDonald’s monument, ate our lunch,  enjoyed the warmth of the sun and the Kettle River flowing by.

Ranald MacDonald Tombstone

If you google ‘Ranald MacDonald’, you’ll find quite a bit about him.

Clicking on any photo will show an enlarged photo.

2 responses to “Ranald MacDonald

  1. What fun adventures you have! I love that you see FMQ designs in nature-me too! Is this good??


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