Bodie Ghost Town

Scenic View

Continuing on with our day road trip on the scenic highway, we come to Bodie, an old mining ghost town. 

The road passes right through this abandoned town, so access is very, very easy. 

If you are expecting entertainment and tourism, then this is not your town.  But if you have imagination and love the old west, then you’ll enjoy exploring here.  It is a western photographer’s dream.


 There are a lot of untold stories in the ruins.  The buildings are not restored; they are in various degrees of dilapidation.  If you are finicky, then you won’t want to explore because of bird and packrat droppings.  It is what it is.

Bodie Bunkhouse

Bodie Bunkhouse Front

Inside Bunkhouse

Inside Bunkhouse

Bodie in Washington State

Indoors of a Cabin

Bodie in Washington State

Detail of Log Building

Bodie in Washington State

Bodie in Washington State

Bodie in Washington State

Wheaton Homestead

Clicking on any photo will show a larger view.

Here is a YouTube video of Bodie:

6 responses to “Bodie Ghost Town

  1. Thank you for taking me along on your day trip. Very enjoyable.


  2. c.k. ledford

    Great photos! I’d love to go exploring in a place like this. 🙂


  3. What State is Bodie in?


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