Wauconda Ghost Town

The next stop on our day trip was Wauconda.  

The Hedge brothers founded Wauconda in 1898.  They opened a gold mine here. 

Wauconda has been relocated three times.  Although there are many homesteads dotting the landscape, they are inaccessible to the public. 

Old Wauconda School

Old Wauconda School

The firepit is behind the school.  It is not original, but I love the stone and the grate.

Fire Pit Grate

The teepee is not original either, but interesting, nonetheless.


Teepee Entrance

I like the ladder shadow on the inside of the teepee.

Teepee Entrance Inside

Teepee Poles

Across from the Wauconda school, the girls were curious about us.


Wauconda Hall

Wauconda Hall 2

Wauconda Hall 3

This dugout is across from the Wauconda Hall.


Old Barn

Clicking on any photo will show an enlarged photo.

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