Sherman Pass

Recently, Hubby packed a picnic lunch and took me on a day trip.  The sky was blue and the sunshine felt great!  We couldn’t have asked for a better day for a long drive in the car!

If you like history, then you will enjoy the next few blog posts!

We began the drive by heading west…to Sherman Pass.  There is still plenty of snow up there!

White Mountain

Sherman Pass is located on the Sherman Pass Scenic Byway in my home state of Washington.  It traverses the Colville National Forest in the Cascade Range.

Sherman Pass

Sherman Pass Elevation

Although these wolves are metal, we do have wolves in our corner of the state.  I have seen them once…in my back yard.  Many of the ranchers in my area are having difficulties with wolves.  As you can imagine, wolves are a very controversial subject here.

Wolves Sculpture

Wolf Sculpture

This little fella is a Clark’s Nutcracker.  He didn’t mind at all having his picture taken.

Clark's Nutcracker

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12 responses to “Sherman Pass

  1. Pretty!


  2. Looks like a great drive. Maybe I can talk my hubby into a drive.


  3. Was a fantastic day with you!!!


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