No Regrets

“Sometimes there are no perfect words…only thoughtful silences that whisper softly of caring. – Anonymous”


“The idea is to die young as late as possible.  ~Ashley Montagu”


Last Saturday, Hubby and I took a two hour drive and visited Aunt Florence.  She lay in her bed, in much pain and dying.  We packed up much of her things, but saved her favorites for her.  In her lucid moments, we wanted her to see photos of her loved ones, her angel knick-knacks and stuffed animals.  We wanted her to feel her wedding ring on her finger and think of happier times.

To keep it simple, Hubby and I are Florence’s only family, and we’ve cared for her for several years.  We brought her from New York to live with us in Washington state.  When we could no longer care for her without help, we found a home for her in the closest city we could.  The last few years haven’t been easy for Florence, or for us, but we did the best we could.

Sometime between Saturday night, and Monday morning, someone had the meanness to steal the jewelry (the wedding ring, another ring, and a watch…Florence always felt naked without her watch) right off the fingers of a dying 89 year old woman.  Hubby and I took a risk, and we lost. 

At least it looks like we lost.  Hubby wanted to give our granddaughter the wedding ring (she is named after Florence).  But our granddaughter will never know about this, so she won’t be hurt.  And Hubby and I have no regrets about our decision.

The jewelry is gone, but we know that we did our best to make Florence’s last moments as easy for her as we could. 

That’s more than I can say for the thief.  In spite of this, we still believe in compassion over selfishness; in love over greed.  If we had to do it over again, we’d do it the same. 

No regrets.

Aunt Florence in New York


18 responses to “No Regrets

  1. how mean for someone to steal her things – I hope you reported it to the supervisor – maybe the thief will be caught and fired from the home.


  2. Oh my gosh! Tears are with me as I read your post. Your love and caring is so important. Unfortunately some in the human race do let us down. So wonderful that you have no regrets.


    • Thank you for your compassion. What I’d like to see is more compassion and service in this world, and less greed and selfishness. It would be awesome if people were counted more worthy than stuff!


  3. Time to move on, she is no longer in pain! Thanks for all your help in this Babe! I love you!!!


  4. My mother is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s. One day I noticed her wedding and engagement rings missing. My father spoke with a number of people at the home. He called me, elated, two days later. Her engagement had been “found” on the floor. The wedding band is still gone. I scratch my head over the whole thing. I hate to think the worst of people, but I also hate to be taken for a fool.


  5. I thought you found the watch?


  6. Margaret Taffi

    Some people are so low! You and your hubby did the right thing and the love shows in how you write about her! Bless her heart! Sorry for your loss!


    • Thank you Margaret! It is a tough choice for families to make…when loved ones are dying…to bring home the valuables, or let them keep them until they’ve passed on. The items belonged to her, and were important to her, so I think we did make the right decision.


  7. How sad that someone would do that.
    But I love your attitude about this – you were doing such a wonderful thing for her.
    I do hope the thief is caught. That is just so, so wrong on so many different levels.


  8. You did do the right thing … I think we would all like something special with us at the end. Words fail be concerning the thief.


    • I wanted to rant against the thief, but the words did fail me. Honestly, I am more angry with the home than the thief, as they make excuses for the theft. Hubby and I intend to look ahead, and not behind. Life is full of injustices, as we all know.


  9. I say deduct the value of the stolen items from the next bill and that should get someones attention! I can’t believe that someone stole…oh wait a minute. Yes I can believe that. My wedding ring was stolen at my gym and my husbands watch was stolen there as well. Some people just…well, you know…
    The important thing is that she is loved and she knows that. Hugs to you all!


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