Spring/Summer Blogging Break

The snow is gone, and the afternoons have been warm, and I’ve been able to spend time outdoors enjoying sunshine and new growth.

I’m weeding this slope, which is bigger than it looks here.  Lilies will soon pop up in front of these posts.  As for the rest of the slope…I’ve got creeping jenny, St. John’s Wort, and creeping phlox ground covers started.  May the best one for the area win!  The goal is for the ground cover to fill it in, so I won’t have to weed it every year!

There is alot more yardwork to do, and alot more spring and summer to enjoy, so my blogging is likely to become very sporadic.

Pulling Weeds

Hubby set up the water fountain.  I’ll eventually get some container plantings around it.  Last year, a little toad lived in one of the containers and got fat from all the insects that came for water.  Smart little guy (or gal)!

Water Fountain

The forsythia is beginning to shine!


There are spring shenanigans distracting me from the garden!


The doe was harrassing tom turkey, but you can see who turned tail!

Doe and Tom

They teamed up when they spotted me with my camera.

Tom and Doe

It’s spring…the time of courtship.

Tom Turkey Showing Off

It is noisy around here, but it doesn’t last long.

Tom Turkey

What amazes me, is that there are always little turkeys later on.  The hens usually ignore the toms and all their strutting.

Tom Turkey

How can they ignore such a handsome guy?

Tom Turkey

*Clicking on a photo will show a larger view.

2 responses to “Spring/Summer Blogging Break

  1. Fun!


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