Star Crossed Christmas Quilt Block

I am either late, or very early.  You choose.

Regardless, this week, I played with the Star Crossed Christmas quilt block from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar.

Star Crossed Christmas Quilt Block

The block is drawn from a 9 x9 grid.

Here is how it looks in a straight set design:

Star Crossed Christmas Straight Set

I opened up the design a bit by adding the Snowball block to it:

Star Crossed Christmas Straight Set 3

There’s room now, for some lovely quilting!

Let’s try another alternate block:

Star Crossed Christmas Straight Set 4

You never know…by trying alternate blocks, you might come up with something that you really love.  And you might not.

I deleted the star from the block, as well as the red.  Now I have a chain block to use as an alternate with the Star Crossed block:

Star Crossed Christmas Straight Set 5

If you are really sharp, you would notice that I also deleted most of the  nine-patches from the Star Crossed block.  That gave me three blocks to play with…the original star, a star without the nine-patches (except in the center), and the nine-patches without the star.

Another design, simple, but lovely:

Star Crossed Christmas Straight Set 7

I can see the above design on my table.  It doesn’t have to be a full size quilt.

Here’s how the Star Crossed quilt block looks when set on point:

Star Crossed ChristmasOn Point Set

Perhaps you like it better with sashing and cornerstones:

Star Crossed ChristmasOn Point Set 2

Or perhaps you like it better with more open spaces (to show off your beautiful quilting):

Star Crossed ChristmasOn Point Set 3

I think I like this one the best, but I could change my mind tomorrow.

17 responses to “Star Crossed Christmas Quilt Block

  1. I’m with you. I could change my mind tomorrow too. I especially like the ones with a little open areas the best. This is a lovely post. I wish I had time to make some of these designs.


    • LOL! As I look at the last one today, I’m thinking that with different colors, I could see a garden! Yes, I like the open areas too. And I also wish I had time to make some of the designs. Ahhhh, but I can…virtually!


  2. The one you can see on your table would look good on mine too!
    The last one would look good as well.


  3. Where Can I find the pattern for the star crossed quilt above?


    • Thanks for stopping by Cesar! I don’t know which design in particular that you are referring to (as there are several above), but there is no pattern. I am being encouraged to write one, and I am considering it. 🙂


  4. I would like the pattern also.


    • I haven’t written a pattern, Cindy. I do appreciate your encouragement! I just wrote my first pattern for another design, and this one is on the to-do list.


      • Update: I have decided not to write patterns for my designs. At this time in my life, I am simplifying. I’m good if I can create virtual designs. Perhaps there will be a time in my future, but for now, my life just isn’t open to it.


  5. I would love to purchase your Christmas block. Of, if you do not sell your patterns perhaps you could send me the name of a book I might purchase.
    Thank you–they are beautiful.


    • Hi Martha! How nice of you to drop by and leave a compliment! I do not sell patterns. I played with this block from the Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar. No book.


  6. Sarah Cousineau

    I found this block on Pinterest without all your quilt samples. I didn’t know the size but I started with a 6”center to the star. It made a 18” block. I made a quilt with this block in what is you straight set design. It turned out lovely.


  7. I discovered this pattern and fell in love straight away – unfortunately the link doesn’t work – can you help me somehow.


  8. Theresa Walker Steadham

    So very beautiful!! All of them!!!!


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