Spinning Tops Quilt Block

This week, I played with the Spinning Tops quilt block; also from the Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar.

Spinning Tops Quilt Block

Spinning Tops is drawn with a 5 x 5 grid.

Get ready for bold color!

Spinning Tops set side-by-side in a straight set:

Spinning Tops Straight Set

A little space was created by eliminating the four inner squares of the block and using this variation as an alternate with the Spinning Tops:

Spinning Tops Straight Set 2

Again, creating an alternate block by eliminating elements from the Spinning Top quilt block:

Spinning Tops Straight Set 3

Spinning Tops set on point:

Spinning Tops On Point Set

Yet another variation set in the center and then surrounded by the Spinning Tops blocks:

Spinning Tops On Point Set 2

The black in the corners is very bold.  Perhaps too bold and overpowering for an already bold design.  I think I’d break that up a bit.

Here is one possibility:

Spinning Tops On Point Set 3

I don’t like it.  Maybe I should’ve left the color in the border. 

Fortunately, Electric Quilt makes it easy for me to try lots of options!

3 responses to “Spinning Tops Quilt Block

  1. Love the third … and love the way you modify blocks.


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