Spider’s Den Quilt Block

Spider’s Den, a quilt block from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar, is the block that I have chosen to play with this week.

Spider's Den Quilt Block

The block is drawn with a 12 x 12 grid.

This is how it looks when set side-by-side in a straight set:

Spider's Den Straight Set

And here is how it looks set with sashing and cornerstones:

Spider's Den Straight Set 2

Spider’s Den makes a wonderful two color quilt!

But let’s add some blue; just for fun!

Spider's Den Straight Set 3

Now let’s throw in a crossing block and a snowball block and see what we get:

Spider's Den Straight Set 4

Reminds me of baseball; must be because I’ve been listening to my team in spring training.  I’m glad the baseball season is almost here!

Next, I’ve taken out most of the blue and added a different crossing block.  There is a small change in the Spider’s Den block, too.

Spider's Den Straight Set 5

Here’s how the block looks when set on point:

Spider's Den On Point Set

Next, Spider’s Den is still set on point, but set with an alternate block.  I think it makes a great red and white quilt!

Spider's Den On Point Set 2

This next one is similar to one of the straight sets up above: 

Spider's Den On Point Set 3

Last, and maybe least (my least favorite), is a crowded design:

Spider's Den On Point Set 4

The last one has too many elements competing for attention.  Or maybe it is a simple matter of moving the color around.  I may work on that another day.

12 responses to “Spider’s Den Quilt Block

  1. The one with the navy blue background is my favorite layout, but I still enjoy all the inspiring options.


    • One of the wonderful things about playing with Electric Quilt is that it is so easy to change colors. And changing colors sometimes yields surprising and terrific results! I love how I can see one quilt in many colorways without having to actually make all the quilts!


  2. I love the red and white variations! There’s something about red and white quilts that always appeals.


  3. It’s a lot of fun to see what you keep coming up with. Thanks


  4. A very, very busy block when placed side by side, with or without extra colours! I like the last one as I think it would work with just the cross block in the centre. My favourite is the red and white version with alternate plain blocks.


  5. Wow! I’ve just finished a red and cream top. This block would have been wonderful for that. Oh well, there’s always another day 🙂 Thanks for sharing your lovely designs. Avis x


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