Jalene’s Memory Quilt – Part 4

Jalene and I spent the afternoon of National Quilting Day (March 16th ) tying her memory quilt.

Jalene 002

I forgot to tell her to watch her head, but she never did bump her’s!  Still… maybe I should post ‘Low Ceiling’ warning signs to my sewing studio.

Jalene 003

Last night, Jalene came back to finish up her project.  She is sewing the binding down in this photo:

Jalene's Done! 002

And the following is the last photo that I have.  For now, I call it the pink spaghetti quilt, but Jalene will finish trimming those ties at home, and then the quilt won’t look like it was tied with pink spaghetti anymore.

Jalene's Done! 006

My part in this project is done.  Jalene still has her paperwork and presentation to do.

Jalene, I wish you all the best at college, and may you be blessed with many more great memories!

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6 responses to “Jalene’s Memory Quilt – Part 4

  1. Good job!


  2. Nicely done! I love it!!


  3. BEautiful job Jalene!!


  4. I quite like the pink spaghetti! Great effort,Jalene!


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