Jalene’s Memory Quilt – Part 3

Jalene is arranging her quilt top with her blocks and photos just the way she wants it.

Jalene's Quilt Top 001

Jalene's Quilt Top 008

While sewing, I enjoyed Jalene telling me the stories behind the photos.

Jalene's Quilt Top 009b

It is exciting to see it coming together!  She will have a wonderful memory quilt to take to college!

Jalene's Quilt Top 015

Not done yet, but lookin’ great!

Jalene's Quilt Top 017b

For Part 1, click here.
For Part 2, click here.

4 responses to “Jalene’s Memory Quilt – Part 3

  1. Fun!


  2. Great looking quilt – lots of wonderful memories – she is doing an awesome job! Made one for my mom’s 80th and still love it!


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