Old Favorite Quilt Block

Another block, from Nancy Martin’s 365 Quilt Blocks a Year Perpetual Calendar, that is fun to play with is the Old Favorite quilt block.

Old Favorite Quilt Block

It is drawn with an 8 x 8 grid.

Sometimes we just want a simple calm, masculine looking quilt.  Using just three fabrics (a dark, a medium, and a light), and setting the block in a straight set gives us just that.

Old Favorite Straight Set

And sometimes we want a bright quilt, so I’ve recolored the block.

Old Favorite Quilt Block2

And I’ve set the block in a straight set with an alternate block. Alot more energy is happening now!

Old Favorite Straight Set2

And again, Old Favorite in two colorways, set in a straight set with an alternate block.

Old Favorite Straight Set3

Let’s not forget to play with the on point setting (lots of interesting things can happen when turning a block on point).  Here I have added some plain blocks to the mix.

Old Favorite On Point Set

Much more can be done just by moving color and value around the block.  Have fun playing with this one!

*Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

4 responses to “Old Favorite Quilt Block

  1. Wow…….what a great block!! It always amazes me how different blocks/quilts look with a color change!! The first quilt with the variance of the same color family really is a great looking masculine quilt!! Thanks!!


    • Thanks Sue! It can be very surprising what happens with a little color/value change; lots of fun! I really like the first quilt; I think I’d introduce a bit of blue somewhere just to see what that might look like; if I were to get serious about making this quilt.


  2. The first one is elegant, but so masculine … the rest are plain fun!


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