Love In A Tangle Quilt Block

This week, we are exploring basic quilt design with the Love in a Tangle quilt block.

Love in a Tangle Quilt Block

This block can be drawn with a 9 x 9 Grid.

If you have BlockBase, it is number 2066.

Let’s see what the block looks like when set side by side in a straight set with borders:

Love in a Tangle Straight Set

*Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

Let’s add another design element by adding sashing:

Love in a Tangle Straight Set 2

Love in a Tangle has alot going for it.  The framed center block is an area to showcase a focus fabric, favorite photos, or quilting designs.  The sawtooth piecing (triangles) that surrounds the framed blocks provide ‘excitement/movement’. 

The block can be colored in any number of ways.  I chose to color it in such a way that the blocks will connect.  The sashing emphasizes the connection and adds a dimension of depth to the quilt design.

Love in a Tangle Straight Set 3

I like the quilt without an alternate block.  However, just for fun, I added a nine-patch to the framed blocks.

The next design shows the Love in a Tangle quilt block on point.  Often, blocks will become much more interesting when set this way.  At the least, you can get a different perspective.

Love in a Tangle On Point Set

With the sashing and a few alternate blocks, I think the design becomes more interesting:

Love in a Tangle On Point Set 2

Lots more alternate blocks added:

Love in a Tangle On Point Set 3

6 responses to “Love In A Tangle Quilt Block

  1. Love the last two designs!


  2. You might want to add Pinterest to your share buttons as another way to promote your awesome stuff. I say this because I saw a few things I would’ve “pinned” from your posts. Really lovely quilt!


  3. What you are doing with these block patterns is really a great idea. Love all of them!


  4. Thanks! It is fun to explore possibilities and look at a block in new ways. I have pinned all the blocks to a board on Pinterest for those who want to pin them.


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