Meyers Falls

Up in our neck of the woods, there once was two small towns, Meyers Falls and Kettle Falls.  As often happens throughout history, one town swallows another, and in this case, Meyers Falls became a part of Kettle Falls.

What remains behind, however, is a lovely place for a walk and a picnic (but not in winter).  In winter, we can still take that walk and observe a different kind of beauty…a partially frozen hydroelectric dam.  It is the oldest continual working source of hydro power west of the Mississippi River.

Meyers Falls is about a 10 minute drive from where Hubby and I live.

Clicking on a photo will show a larger view.

Meyers Falls 002b

Meyers Falls 011b

Meyers Falls 020b

Hubby always thinks that it is important to put me into a scene…perspective, you know.  LOL!

Meyers Falls 025b

Baby, it’s cold out here!

Meyers Falls 030b

Sometimes a walk behind the dam will reward you with wildlife.  Not today.

Meyers Falls 003b

Meyers Falls 008b

The interpretive center where one can learn a little history.

And since it was such a gorgeous winter afternoon, we took pictures of the surrounding mountains as well.

Merge 061-062resized

This is a view I am blessed to see everyday by virtue of living across the river.  This little mountain is known as Kelly Hill.

Have you explored your surroundings?

12 responses to “Meyers Falls

  1. No dippers? They were the only signs of life we saw that day. Aren’t these sunny winter days breathtakingly beautiful? We are in and out of the freezing fog right now, and it brings a beaty all its own.


    • No birds of any kind Bert. It was quiet, except for the dam of course. The fog hands around here until the afternoon, and then, we are treated to glorious sunshine and blue skies. That helps to make up for the lack of warmth.


  2. What an absolutely gorgeous setting!! Very beautiful!!


  3. The dam looks incredible! I am glad you got out and about to take the photos, but the wildlife was much more sensible staying at home!


  4. Great photos that capture the beauty of your world!


  5. Very nice! It IS important to include you AND Dad in photos! Did you play with Manual settings?


  6. Yes, I did, and am, playing with the manual settings, and I’m having some success with them. However, the above pics are from your Dad’s camera. I haven’t edited mine yet.


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