Leavenworth Nine Patch Quilt Block – Part 1

For this week’s practice, I chose the Leavenworth Nine Patch block from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar.NM CalendarI thought that I would be bored with this block.

Leavenworth Nine Patch

It is simply drafted from a 7 x 7 grid of squares.

Light, medium, and dark values can be placed in a myriad of ways to create lots and lots of designs.  Here is a version from BlockBase…#2280c:

Leavenworth Nine Patch BB

My challenge was to play with just these two variations.

Turns out, I’ve kept myself entertained for hours and I now have two large project files for this block; one for straight set designs, and one for on point designs.

This week, we’ll look at some of the straight set designs.

*Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

Leavenworth Nine Patch Straight Set

For me, the above is unappealing.  How about rotating some of those blocks?

Leavenworth Nine Patch Straight Set 2

That’s better.  We could rotate some more, but let’s move on.

The following is the BlockBase version set simply side-by-side.  It looks like it has been set with sashing, but not so.

Leavenworth Nine Patch BB Straight Set 3

Leavenworth Nine Patch BB Rotated Straight Set 4

Now we have a bit of an Irish Chain look with sashing, and yet, it is the Leavenworth Nine Patch (BlockBase version) set side-by-side with the alternate blocks rotated.

To create the following alternate block, I’ve deleted some lines in the Leavenworth Nine Patch grid.

Leavenworth Nine Patch Alternate

Here’s what happens when the two blocks are set together.

Leavenworth Nine Patch BB Straight Set 5

I like it!  Not boring at all!

Next week, I’ll show Leavenworth Nine Patch set on point.

14 responses to “Leavenworth Nine Patch Quilt Block – Part 1

  1. Wow…..great job making this quilt go from “boring” to stunning!!!


  2. I like the second colouring of the block … I can see that mixed with other blocks to create the diagonal lines I am always looking for!


    • I wondered if that might be your favorite Judy. I’ve noticed the strong diagonal lines in lots of your designs. You are right, there are lots of possibilities when one starts introducing alternate blocks.


  3. Great visual impact. Love this quilt


  4. Great work by you. I’m a Novice, and just received from a friend a 2013 Quilting Block, and Pattern A Day Calendar. Thank you for sharing. Mtetar


  5. Carol Campbell

    Just love it! There’s nothing about it I don’t like .. especially love the double posts in the corners on the one border. THanks!


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