Indian Maze Quilt Block

I have been enjoying playing with the Indian Maze quilt block.

Indian Maze

This block is drawn with an 8 x 8 grid.

*Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

Here’s what the Indian Maze quilt block looks like in a basic straight set with borders:

Indian Maze Straight Set

Let’s play!

Using Electric Quilt, it is very easy to delete a few lines from the original block and create a variation of this block.

Indian Maze Variation

Now let’s pair the two together:

Indian Maze Straight Set 2

Here is another variation created simply by deleting lines from the original Indian Maze block:

Indian Maze Variation2

And a quilt designed with the original block and the new variation:

Indian Maze Straight Set 3

Now, for comparison to the straight set, let’s see what the Indian Maze quilt block looks like turned on point (with sashing and cornerstones).

Indian MazeOn Point Set

I like it!  It looks like tapestry to me.

And more designs on point, with the variation blocks included:

Indian MazeOn Point Set 2

Indian MazeOn Point Set 3

Indian MazeOn Point Set 4

It isn’t hard to design your own quilts.  Just by deleting a few lines to create new variations of a block, and perhaps adding a plain block, one can create lots and lots of quilt designs.

Play with color too.  Be sure to have dark, medium and light values.  Move them around…you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes!

Which design do you like?

6 responses to “Indian Maze Quilt Block

  1. I like your Indian Maze quilt, how long did it take you to sew the quilt? Marie


  2. Hey Marie! Good to hear from you! I haven’t sewn any of these quilts…they are all virtual designs. I’d have to live 1000 years, or so, to make all of the designs I have in files on my computer!


  3. Love them all! Made me dizzy thinking about having to choose just one!!


  4. Love the block … and I love each of the designs with the full block included.


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