The Beauty of a Snowstorm

There is a privacy about it which no other season gives you…. In spring,  summer and fall people sort of have an open season on each other; only in the  winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself.  ~Ruth Stout

These photos are views of my yard and were taken the morning after a snowstorm last week. 

Enjoy (especially for my friend, Judy)! 







Every mile is two in winter.  ~George Herbert

13 responses to “The Beauty of a Snowstorm

  1. Beautiful!


  2. There is a real beauty to the landscape after a snowstorm. Love that last picture in this post!


    • You are looking at a chicken coop (occupied by garden tools, not chickens), apple and pear trees, and beyond is, obviously, the woods. The fog is covering the rest of the trees. I love hiking there, but not when there is over a foot of snow on the ground. LOL!


  3. BEAUTIFUL! I grew up on a farm and this brings back lovely memories! 🙂


  4. Oooo-pretty! Grew up in the upper midwest-miss the snow sometimes. Thanks for sharing such beauty.


  5. I am going to need all that snow tomorrow, with the temp forecast to reach 44 degrees Celsius … 111 Fahrenheit! (I just Googled that information and now I am wishing I didn’t … I feel hot already, and it is about seven hours to sunrise!)


  6. Looks so pretty but I know from experience there’s major inconvenience with snow this deep!!


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