Gentlemen’s Fancy Quilt Block

I have been practicing my EQ7 skills by working my way through some of the blocks from the Nancy Martin’s Perpetual 365 Quilt Blocks A Year Calendar.

NM Calendar

* I could just as easily have chosen any other block based book or source to practice with.

For this week’s quilt block, I’m playing with Gentlemen’s Fancy.

NM Gentlemen's Fancy

This could be drawn with a 3 x 3 or 6 x 6 (easier) grid.

* Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

Let’s see what the Gentlemen’s Fancy quilt block looks like in a basic straight set with borders.

Gentlemen's Fancy Straight Set

And with some sashing and cornerstones added. 

Gentlemen's Fancy Straight Set 2

Or paired with an alternate block, in this case, the Basic 4X.  Some of the 4X blocks were rotated.

Gentlemen's Fancy Straight Set 3

A simple half-square triangle block was used as the alternate block in the next design. 

Gentlemen's Fancy Straight Set 4

It’s amazing what a simple block can do!

Now, for comparison to the straight set, let’s see what the Gentlemen’s Fancy quilt block looks like turned on point.

Gentlemen's Fancy On Point Set

 I like it better with the sashing and cornerstones included.

Gentlemen's Fancy On Point Set 2

In this last design, notice the one little color change in the Gentlemen’s Fancy block?

Gentlemen's Fancy On Point Set 3

It makes a big difference.  So does placing a plain block here and there.

Which design do you like?

2 responses to “Gentlemen’s Fancy Quilt Block

  1. The first one is completely changed by the outer border … more so than any of the others, but my favorite is the last one.


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