This and That

The house is clean.


The Christmas tree is up!


The wild turkeys visit everyday.

And the rest of the week, or however long it takes, is dedicated to tedious paperwork.  Ugh!


I’d rather be sewing.

6 responses to “This and That

  1. Love your tree! And the turkeys 🙂 Happy Holidays!! (I’d rather be sewing too!!)


    • Thanks! I haven’t seen the tree/ornaments for 2 years, so it is fun to have it up (more thanks to Hubby for doing it). The turkeys are fun, especially when the cats are stalking them. They keep me entertained. LOL!


  2. Pretty!
    Hey, it’s not my fault you haven’t seen it in two years. Oh. Wait. I guess it is. ;p
    Enjoy! 😉


  3. Boo ~ paperwork! I know how you feel. I finally got my filing done. Some went all the way back to June! I love your tree and the turkey’s are so cute!


    • LOL! Yup…all the way back to June…feels like ‘to infinity and beyond’. Why, oh, why do I let it pile up? I guess it is more fun to go visit family, or play outside, or sew the night away….


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