Ferris Wheel Quilt Block

This week, I am presenting the versatile Ferris Wheel block from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar collection of blocks.  Why versatile?  Just the options in color and value alone make this block an endless project to play with.

Ferris Wheel is drafted from a 4 x 4 grid.

Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

Here is the what the Ferris Wheel quilt block looks like in a basic straight set with borders.

Ferris Wheel Straight Set

Sashing and cornerstones separate the blocks, making it easier to see them.  The sashing also adds another design element.  Sashing can be filled with other blocks to create a new design, but I’m keeping it simple here.

Ferris Wheel Straight Set 2

Alternate blocks give a secondary design element.  Also, value can make a big difference.  Light, medium and dark values emphasize certain aspects of a design.

The following design alternates the Ferris Wheel quilt block with the Snowball block.

Ferris Wheel Straight Set 3

And this design uses the Square-in-a-Square block as the alternate block.  It echoes the center of the Ferris Wheel block, as does the border.

Ferris Wheel Straight Set 4

Have a look at the Ferris Wheel blocks placed on point:

Ferris Wheel On Point Set

And with sashing so you can easily see the block on point:

Ferris Wheel On Point Set 2

And again, using the Snowball quilt block as an alternate:

Ferris Wheel On Point Set 3

This last one is too much yellow for me, but I like the design.

Which is your favorite?

I love hearing from you!

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