Free Motion Quilt Project – November

The November Free Motion Quilt Challenge at SewCalGal is a tutorial from the very talented designer and teacher, Sarah Vedeler.

Sarah had us practicing spirals this month.  She made it easy by establishing a grid on paper.  The boundaries really helped me to  establish a rhythm in drawing the spirals.

For my practice piece, I used hand-dyed fabric scraps, an almost empty spool of Coats & Clark for the top thread, and an assortment of almost empty bobbins with Aurifil 50 weight threads.  I loosened my top tension a bit.  And, yes, I use practice pieces to use up odd bits and pieces unless I have an end result in mind and I really need to know how the materials are going to play together. 

I drew a grid on the fabric with a blue washout marker.

Close Up

The back:

For some practical application, I grabbed another piece of hand-dyed fabric (I wish I had the foresight to see that it would be a lousy choice for photography, as you will soon see.)

On this piece, I free-motion stitched a tree with 30 weight variegated cotton thread.  I should have chosen a different color; then maybe the stitching would have shown better.

I’m calling it “The Ghost Tree” since you can’t see it.  Sigh.

It will help if you click on the photos for a closer look.

The background is filled with free-motion swirls made from 100 weight polyester.  No grid.  Funny…after stitching all of those swirls on a grid, I had a hard time deliberately stitching swirls that are not evenly sized and spaced.  I didn’t want the swirls the same in my background.

Showing Texture

The tree is not flat, but that’s hard to photograph too.

A look at the back:


13 responses to “Free Motion Quilt Project – November

  1. I love your Ghost Tree. There are times that photos are so hard to take to get the dimension in quilting. Would love to see it in person. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much! The tree is made with trapunto, but it just doesn’t show in the photos. I take comfort in knowing that most photography doesn’t do the subject justice, so I am not alone. :O)

  2. Your swirls are so nice, they flow as if you find them pretty easy to quilt! I hope to get to that point with (lots!) more practice.

  3. Muy bien. Te ha quedado muy bonito.

  4. PRetty! I’m the same way too-easier to quilt than to draw.

  5. I can draw with a pencil but not the machine. You are very talented – the Ghost Tree is great – so lovely and organic.

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