Clam Shell Purses

The Clam Shell Accessories Case Clover pattern reminded me of my childhood days when I had a rubber coin purse.  Squeeze the purse to reveal an opening for the coins.  

I thought it would be fun to use the scraps left over from sewing aprons for my grandaughters and make a couple of these cases. 

I’m embellishing with embroidery, beads and buttons.  The plain one obviously still needs embellishment, but I wanted to show the difference.  You can certainly be very creative with these cases!

I’m making the largest size; there is alot of room in there!  Of course, I’m going on a treasure hunt for trinkets that little girls would like, but these would make very nice sewing kits.

They are quite durable and fun.


9 responses to “Clam Shell Purses

  1. These little purses are so cute! Great gift idea! Can’t wait to make some. I’ve missed some of your posts due to starting chemo and feeling a bit down but only six more to go and then I’ll be fine! Needlework is what is keeping me sane! I’ll be back to watching your posts everyday! Have a great Turkey day!


    • Margaret, I am sorry to hear about your health! Now that I know, I can offer virtual hugs and real prayers for your recovery. I sure do appreciate your reading my posts. I’ll be slowing down a bit…got a new job and a few life issues to deal with.
      I just got back from the Dollar Store with some cute trinkets for the purses. I’ll get them wrapped and shipped off this afternoon.
      You have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!


  2. Oh Laura these are really precious. I love the little sewing kit idea!


  3. These are so cute!! It’ll be fun to sew!


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