Apron Gifts

I have had this apron pattern for quite some time.

And I’ve come to the realization that my grandaughters are not going to stop growing until I get around to making them an apron from this pattern.

So guess what I got around to making?

Guess what my grandaughters are getting for Christmas?

Need a quick , easy, functional and cute gift?  Make an apron! 

There are alot of free tutorials if you want to surf the internet and reap from the abundance of other’s generosity (I’ve pinned quite a few to my Pinterest).  Or search the pattern catalogs to find an apron that appeals to you.  Or design your own!  No stress!  Make several, including one for yourself!

11 responses to “Apron Gifts

  1. Adorable! I know at least one of those little girls will love it! She always has to use one of Mommy’s which is too big.


  2. That is so cute and clever! I want to make aprons for some of the girls in my family this Christmas, too! 🙂


  3. They turned out really well! The girls will love them!


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