Fool’s Puzzle Quilt Block

The Fool’s Puzzle drafted from a 4 x 4 grid.

If you have Block Base, Fool’s Puzzle is number 3224.

Electric Quilt makes it quick and easy to visualize what this block will look like set side by side in a simple straight set with borders.

Fool's Puzzle Straight Set

Above, the block is composed of two fabrics.  Below, the same block is made with three fabrics.   Also, the alternate blocks in the setting below are rotated.

Fool's Puzzle Straight Set 2

I like how the ‘arrows’ are more defined in the second design.

And what happens when I alternate the Fool’s Puzzle with a large half square triangle block:

Fool's Puzzle Straight Set 3

I am also playing with value; the dark, medium and light fabric placements.

Next, the blocks are placed on point with two colorways alternating.

Fool's Puzzle Straight On Point Set

Below, I’ve added sashing and cornerstones.

Fool's Puzzle Straight On Point Set 2

Perhaps that sashing is too dark.  What do think?

I love hearing from you!

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