Dry Falls and Grand Coulee Dam

Did you know that Dry Falls in Washington State is ten times the size of Niagara?  Yup…Dry Falls is the largest waterfall in the world.  That is, it was the largest waterfall in the world; now it is extinct, but still impressive to see.

My sisters, hubby and I have a Dad Day once a year, where we take him on a day trip, and this year we took him to Dry Falls and Grand Coulee Dam.

Clicking on the photos will give you a closer look.


Grand Coulee Dam is the largest dam in the United States.  We happened to be the last tour of the season.

A fire this summer burned the surrounding hills.

The spillways were not open this day, but still fun to look down from the top of the dam.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lake behind the Grand Coulee Dam.

I  encourage you to take day trips and explore the countryside where you live.  If you can, take your Dad too!

5 responses to “Dry Falls and Grand Coulee Dam

  1. It was a great day and totally enjoyed the trip with Dad and the fam!


  2. Fascinating-I have never heard of this! I’m passing your blog along to my adventuring son.


    • My Dad took us camping nearby when we were little girls and, yet, he’d never heard of Dry Falls. His daughters, however, have visited on many an occasion. It was a delight to be able to show it to him.


  3. It was a blast! I love going to Dry Falls – it really speaks of God’s power and majesty! Was great to spend the day with you, Sis.


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