Eddystone Light Quilt Block

One of the things that I love about Electric Quilt, is the quick and easy way to visualize what a block will look like in a quilt setting.

Let’s look at the Eddystone Light quilt block from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar.

Eddystone Light is drafted from a 6 x 6 grid.

If you have BlockBase, Eddystone Light is number 2073.

Here it is presented in a simple straight set (blocks set square…side by side) with borders:

Eddystone Light Straight Set

With sashing added:

Eddystone Light Straight Set 2

And with the Basic 4X block:

Eddystone Light Straight Set 3

I think I’ll go back to my file and recolor that Basic 4X block so that half is white and half is blue…just to get a visual.  I might, or might not, like it better.  I am wondering if it would create more depth to the design.

Plain blocks and alternate blocks open up areas for applique, areas to show off quilting, and alter a design in very pleasing and unexpected ways.

Here is what Eddystone Light looks like in a simple on point set with borders:

Eddystone Light On Point Set

Nice, but let’s add some plain blocks:

Eddystone Light On Point Set 2

I think that is more interesting.  When I move the blocks around, I get lots of designs and it is much more fun!

This is what happens when I add sashing and substitute the plain blocks with the Basic 4X blocks:

Eddystone Light On Point Set 3

So go ahead and have fun!  Try on different borders, change the color and value, rotate the blocks, and try different block combinations. 

4 responses to “Eddystone Light Quilt Block

  1. Laura,
    Love the little red tips around the centre star in each of the corners … and the big cross too.
    Judy B


  2. How fun! I’d be tempted to play all day with the settings and never actually finish the quilt. (which would be a shame, cause your block is very lovely.)


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